The million dollar question: Is ~beauty sleep~ real? And if so, are we actually getting it and doing it justice? What a lot of people don’t realize is that sleep plays a BIG role in not only our skin's health, but our body as a whole.

While we’re out on the town going about our day-to-day, our skin is actually taking in our stress levels and UV exposure, which can definitely take a toll. Fortunately, during sleep, our blood flow increases and our hormone cortisol falls, allowing our skin to repair daytime damage. A.K.A - we need our beauty sleep, ladies! Here are some tips for how to get glowing skin in the AM.

Tip #1: Use The Right Products At Night To Set The Mood

Your nighttime routine certainly sets the mood for how you’re going to sleep and how your skin is going to feel in the morning. There are a few products that need a space on your counter and deserve a spot in your nightly line-up: face masks, moisturizers, and oils.

If you’re new to any of these products, maybe don’t try them the night before a big interview or hot date. We all know that waking up to a surprise of broken-out or irritated skin doesn’t make for a good or confident morning. Instead, click here for some insight on how long to experiment with some of these products to determine how they work for your skin. If you’re in the market, our Luminous Light Moisturizer and Relief & Repair Moisturizer are great introduction products that both offer a gentle, hydrating solution for all skin types (yes, sensitive skin included)!

 Luma & Leaf | Natural, Hydrating Skincare Powered by Plants

Tip #2: Get A Goood Night Of Rest

With emphasis on the goood. If you’re trying to figure out how to get glowing skin, sleep is a crucial factor. Experts recommend that the average adult should get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night to be able to function as their best self the next morning. If sleep has not been your friend recently, here are a few best practices to see what works for you:

🌿 Try to stop thinking about how much money you spent on Postmates this week  

🌿 Try counting sheep or focusing on one category to distract your mind 

🌿 Try a deep breathing exercise - inhale & count to 4, exhale & count to 4 

🌿 Try turning off your phone or putting it away at least 30 minutes before bed

🌿 Try investing in a new silk pillowcase or sleep mask 

🌿 Try throwing on a podcast (with the sleep timer set!) to distract your thoughts

Luma & Leaf | Natural, Hydrating Skincare Powered by Plants

Tip #3: Be Open & Excited About Change

The journey to glowing skin is a marathon, not a sprint. If your skin has been a sensitive subject in the past or something that has prevented you from feeling your best, take this time to treat yo’ self! Find products you’re excited to implement into your daily routine, set a sleep schedule that you know you can stick to, and track your progress. 

You’re one step closer to getting your glow on! We have all the faith that you can easily follow these tips on how to get glowing skin and keep it that way. Now that you’re well-stocked, well-rested, and radiating confidence, go out and conquer the day. We’re rooting for you!