We’ve made it our priority to meet the clean beauty standards developed by the EU and several trusted beauty retailers.
So when we say clean, you’ll know what we mean.

No Bad Stuff. Ever.

Here are just a couple of ingredient examples that are off limits in our clean, cruelty-free products:

  • Parabens

  • Harmful alcohols

  • PEGs

  • Sulfates

  • Synthetic dyes


  • Petroleum

  • Unsafe preservatives

  • Mineral oil

  • Animal products

  • Artificial fragrances

  • Toxins

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“Clean” Had To Do Better

We’ve been devotees of clean beauty ever since learning of the not-so-great ingredients hiding in our own top-shelf skincare products.

We felt betrayed and even a bit frustrated at ourselves for not realizing it sooner. The brands we trusted were taking serious shortcuts, and that didn’t sit well with us.

Determined to make a change, we ventured to the other side of the aisle, but the experience left much to be desired. “Clean” seemed to mean bland, uninspired, and lacking of the elevated experience we were accustomed to.

We were ready to make a change.

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    Your skin deserves to be cared for regardless of type, tone, or sensitivity. Our formulas undergo ethical sensitivity testing on human volunteers to ensure the products are well tolerated on skin, show no signs of irritation, and are safe. For a lineup that only brings health, luminosity, and balance to your skin.

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    Goodness fuels our formulas. By capturing actives in specially crafted concentrations with our Greenhouse Blend® and other botanical-based proprietary blends, we effectively target skin concerns without the use of harsh ingredients.

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