Guiding Lights

Choosing a skincare brand can be complicated and overwhelming. Comparing labels, understanding ingredients, experimenting with countless products—what happened to skincare being easy and fun? Luma & Leaf understands the frustration, which is why we are guided by a simplicity-first approach to taking care of your skin. Our products provide gentle, effective, and uncomplicated solutions to restore skin to its healthiest, most luminous state. Accessible, thoughtfully sourced, and expertly formulated for clean, cared-for skin.

Discover our Guiding Lights below.


Approachable Beauty, Always

If you ask us, “skincare” and “stressful” should never be in the same sentence. Skincare should be fun, affordable, and exciting! We should fill our counters with products we love, look forward to wearing them every day, and feel confident in our own unique skin. We are guided by a mission to craft products that celebrate the various skin types, textures, and tones by kicking one-size-fits-all language to the curb. Everyone’s skin has a story to tell, and we aim to let yours shine with a little help from nature.


Clean & Conscious Takes the Cake

We feel a responsibility to ensure the skincare products we’re creating are clean and gentle. There’s no perfect definition when it comes to “natural", and we’ve learned natural doesn’t always mean safe. That's why each of our formulations are crafted with conscious, thoughtful ingredients that are good for you and the environment - animals included. We refuse to put animals in harm’s way, so you can always count on our products to be vegan and cruelty-free. We’re constantly learning, growing, and adapting to provide our consumers with products that are not only effective and sustainable, but also go above and beyond the standards of trusted beauty retailers.


Skin Health = Skin Happiness

Our skin is our beautiful, shining armor. It’s our surface and the hand we were dealt, so it’s our responsibility to care for it - deeply. Skincare goes beyond face washing in the shower, it includes how many cups of water you drink, how you choose to protect yourself from the sun, and even what you eat on a daily basis. But that’s not to say a self-loving-greasy-pizza-in-bed moment is off limits. Do you, but also do your skincare routine in the morning to bounce back. We’re here to simplify skincare with products you’ll look forward to using day and night.


Love Language: Self-Care

Self-love and self-care are the foundation of our operation. In case you haven’t been told lately, you are amazing! And you should be treating yourself accordingly. We want our consumers to love the skin they’re in and always prioritize time to treat-yo-self. Whether that’s ice cream in the AM, hitting snooze more than once, or working out, we’ll support you in whatever self-care looks like in your eyes. Figure out what makes you feel alive and do more of that every day. We can’t reach our skin goals without loving the person behind the surface first. And that’s the tea.


Eco-Friendly Fighters

We pride ourselves in bringing beauty straight to your counter without stripping the Earth of its magic. Our sustainable packaging is designed to spark joy long after the last pump. We highly encourage you to use your empties to bring life to your counter, reading nook, or living room. We’re big believers in repurposing and reusing because it is our duty to protect our planet. At Luma & Leaf, we promise to always do our part when we can and strive for growth and consistency, not perfection, when it comes to taking care of our environment. Who’s with us?


There's Wealth in Wellness

Your skin is your largest organ and a product of what you put inside your body. That’s why we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to be good to your skin. Exercise, SPF, moisturizer, water, fruits, and vegetables all play a role in skin health and wellness. Every body is different, so what works best for you, works best for us. Your wellness journey is your own and we aim to support you early on so that your future skin will be nothing but glowing.


You’re Beautiful With Both

Makeup or bare-faced, all that matters is that your skin is healthy and you feel great rocking it. We’re here to eliminate any societal pressure that makes someone feel as if they are wearing too much makeup or not enough. We strive to build a community that uplifts you to a point where you feel confident in your bare-faced canvas. What you decide to do after that is entirely up to you. You’re beautiful with both, and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!


Building a Community of Support

Luma & Leaf was built on our community of skincare lovers and supporters. When people come together, magic happens. Sometimes that magic is in the form of a plant-based skincare brand and other times it’s in the form of a community-building initiative. Either way, we encourage our consumers to always choose kindness. Pay it forward, volunteer, get involved, spread love, use your voice, and do something to make a difference. We promise to use our platform to do the same!

Skincare as Nature Intended

We make clean, cruelty-free products with high-quality, sustainably-sourced ingredients. For a glow you feel good about.