Power to Your Skin

We’re Luma & Leaf and our mission is simple:

Illuminate the skin-obsessed and the skin-confused with clean products that make a difference.

"Clean" Had to Do Better

We’ve been devotees of clean beauty ever since learning of the not-so-great ingredients hiding in our own top-shelf skincare products.

We felt betrayed and even a bit frustrated at ourselves for not realizing it sooner. The brands we trusted were taking serious shortcuts, and that didn’t sit well with us.

Determined to make a change, we ventured to the other side of the aisle, but the experience left much to be desired. “Clean” seemed to mean bland, uninspired, and lacking of the elevated experience we were accustomed to.

We were ready to make a change.

People Inspire Our Formulations.
Nature Inspires Our Choices.

We combine the ideas of light, brightness, and illumination with our plant-powered ingredient story, revealing radiant skin through thoughtfully formulated botanical blends.

By harnessing research-proven power players, hero proprietary blends to maximize efficacy, and innovative results-driven ingredients, Luma & Leaf helps restore skin to its most healthy and luminous state.

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How We Do Better

Beauty shouldn’t have an ugly side. That’s why our products are made with high-quality, clean, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. With no harmful stuff added, Luma & Leaf is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

We support being gentle with the environment, too! Each bottle can be upcycled to use as a bud vase, plant mister, cotton swab holder, among other bright ideas.

Skincare as Nature Intended

Formulated without parabens, sulfates, harmful alcohols, synthetic dyes, questionable preservatives, formaldehyde, petroleum products, and other bad stuff.