We’re Luma & Leaf and our mission is simple:

Illuminate the skin-obsessed and the skin-confused with clean products that make a difference.

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Doing the Best For Our Skin, Our People, & Our World

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are sensitive-skin approved and are the highest quality formulations. 

  • Sensitivity testing to ensure safe use for skin
  • Assessment of formula’s ability to defend against bacterial buildup from use
  • Evaluation of product’s shelf life

Science-Backed Approach


    We've formulated proprietary blends to maximize the results in our lineup.

    Our blends are created by harnessing a collection of ingredients in specially crafted concentrations. These give an added boost to the formulas to help target skin concerns - like in our Greenhouse Blend®, which uses nutritive botanicals to soothe and hydrate.


    Some ingredients stick with us through thick and thin.

    It's our set practice to implement ingredients with long-standing reputations for their efficacy and clinically proven results.


    We take the results-driven approach of infusing our formulas with innovative ingredients, without compromising our clean standards.

    This means using clinically studied ingredients like the high-performing retinol alternative bakuchiol.

How We Do Better

Beauty shouldn’t have an ugly side. That’s why our products are made with high-quality, clean, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. With no harmful stuff added, Luma & Leaf is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

We support being gentle with the environment, too! Each bottle can be upcycled to use as a bud vase, plant mister, cotton swab holder, among other bright ideas.

Ready To Be A Part of the Luma Clean Skin Crew?