A travel skincare routine may sound high maintenance, but in reality, it’s highly necessary. Despite any bumps in the road you may experience, these travel tips will give you that unbothered glow.

Traveling for hours can leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. That’s why you see some beauty lovers online talk at lengths about their travel skincare routine. If you’re looking to keep your skin in the best shape, you’ll need to store some of these beauty essentials in your mind and your personal bag.

#1: Remember, Stress isn’t Good for the Skin or Soul

We get it, you have to face the airport at 6 AM in hopes that security, boarding, and take-off works in your favor. There’s no stress like airport stress. But, instead of getting worked up about the what-ifs and packing fatigue, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re going to have fun. At the very least, do it for the acne that could pop up if you don’t put your game face on.

#2: Keep Climate in Mind

If your skin is ever extra dry after getting off a plane, it’s because the lack of humidity in the air sucks the moisture out of your skin. It also doesn’t help if you’re flying to and from somewhere with an opposing climate. Your skin doesn’t adapt to the drastic climate change very quickly, so it either produces more oil to combat dry skin or creates a sweaty situation if you’re visiting a humid climate. Applying a rich moisturizer before a flight, keeping the bottled water flowing, and bringing the correct formulations for the climate you’ll be visiting should all keep you in good shape.

#3: Never Forget the Wonders of Lip Moisturizer

Keeping your lips in check should be your top priority when traveling. It’s one of the simplest beauty secrets in the book! No one is safe from experiencing chapped lips during the colder seasons. Be sure to pack a good chapstick or lip mask to use and reapply several times during your travels.

#4: Beauty Tools are Security-Approved

There’s no reason you need to leave your beauty tools at home. Bring them with! Once you finally get to where you’re going, take a minute for yourself to unwind and reset your skin. Even a 30-minute hot shower, face mask, and jade rolling session can put you back in the happy holiday mindset.

#5: Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Face Mist

In our opinion, every travel skincare routine should include a face mist. Who couldn’t benefit from a wake-up spray to remind them they’re alive and well? Stay refreshed wherever you are while nipping skin freakouts in the bud. There will be no tolls taken on your skin under our watch with Dream On Mist.

#6: Travel-Sized Face Masks are a Must

Whether you need to throw on a sheet mask to check out from the world on a long plane ride or lather one on when you arrive at your destination to feel refreshed with your favorite formula, face masks are a travel must-have. And before you go there, no one will bat an eye. Embrace your hydration (and stock up in case your seat neighbor asks if you have an extra). Use a mask to boost moisture, calm acne flare-ups, or just calm things down. Your skin will be better because of it.


As if you weren’t already doing this on the reg, keep your hands clean as can be when traveling. This is step #1 of your everyday and travel skincare routine. Bacteria will be your skin’s demise, especially with the people you’ll be sharing public transportation with. Not to mention, who wants to pick up a cold right at the start of the holiday season? It’s the most wonderful (and contagious) time of the year.

#8: Pack Appropriately

Like we mentioned above, there are many things you can (and should) be packing to prepare for your travel skincare routine. One of those things should be refillable travel-sized bottles. Not only are they better for the earth, but they’ll absolutely come in handy. And while we’re on the topic of filling these reusable bottles, double bag those suckers just in case.

If you’re trying to lighten the load, go for minimal makeup looks. Let’s be honest, you really only need the basics when going to visit grandma.

We hope these travel skincare tips were helpful as you get in the merry mindset. Stay safe with supple skin, friends!