Can’t decide what to gift this holiday season?

Here’s a guide based on your giftee’s zodiac sign to help get the shopping spree started.


If you have a friend who is an Aries, they’re probably passionate, fearless, and ambitious at their core. Sound about right? When it comes to shopping for said friend, it’s always a good idea to encourage a little self-care. Skincare tools, like a gua sha or ice roller, for a spa-like treatment could be a perfect present. Unless they thrive on chaos, then a high-maintenance houseplant in a cute pot would be a challenge an Aries would love to overcome.


We love to describe the Aquariuses in our lives as friendly, quirky, and inventive. Did one of your BFFs just come to mind? A couple of gifts that have major Aquarius energy are quirky hair scrunchies, cute pins, or a venus flytrap houseplant. Just know they’ll love whatever you get them, but the more colorful, the better.


We all know a Taurus who is indulgent, but they’re incredibly compassionate and loyal people too. Tauruses typically love a beauty moment, which is why you should totally DIY a basket for them. Include the No Filter Needed bundle, a hydrating lip balm, and a skincare mask or two. A great gift for a fabulous person!

Luma & Leaf / No Filter Needed Bundle


Ah yes, the social butterflies of the world. Not only are Geminis excelled in conversing with just about anyone, but they are also studious, adventurous people. And they love a unique accessory they can chat about. If you’re shopping for a Gemini, consider checking out local sustainable businesses for a reusable water bottle or a cute sleeping mask. Both options will enhance their glowing, bright spirit. If sustainable skincare is their thing, our Get it Bright bundle could be the cherry on top. You can’t go wrong with any of those options and you’ll be doing good by the planet (win-win).


Sweet, sweet Cancer signs. Our kind, protective, sympathetic friends are always there for us. To repay them for their generosity, give them a thoughtful gift this holiday season. Maybe a recycled paper journal or coloring book with colored pencils to keep them creative? Or, maybe buy them tickets to an event you can go to together because we all know friendship is priceless to them.


If only we all had the confidence of a Leo… These determined, generous creatures are all about sustainability. To ensure you get them a gift they’ll actually use, try to keep earth-friendly products top of mind. Composting kits are on the rise and would be an incredibly thoughtful gesture for the Leo in your life. If your friend is a skincare enthusiast, the Lighten Up bundle consists of plant-powered formulas that are gentle on all skin types. Whichever direction you choose, your Leo friend is going to be feeling as confident as ever with their new planet-approved goods.

Luma & Leaf / Get It Bright Bundle


If anyone can show us a sustainable way of life, it’s a Virgo. Virgos are minimalists who only make sensible purchases. A tea subscription or a sustainable crochet blanket are two gifts that could take a Virgo to their happy place. If you’re really trying to buy them the gift that keeps on giving, our Clear Slate Serum is an all-in-one product that any Virgo can get behind.


Libras have it going on. Their fashion, diplomatic POV, and outgoing personality are the reasons everyone knows and loves them. Get them a wine glass and a bottle of local wine for them to enjoy. Because they’re always on the go, a reusable glass straw set or sustainable tote bag would also be great options. Whatever you do, shop local like a Libra would.


There’s no one quite like a Scorpio. Their bravery and honest approach to life are why we love having them around. Although Scorpios can be quite ambitious in spirit, their choices in gifts are often practical and simple. To support them on their explorations, you could get them a modern lunch box or a vintage compass. To ensure their skin is soothed and protected, complete the package with Relief & Repair Moisturizer. They’ll think of you every time they’re out braving the world.

Luma & Leaf / Mint Condition Tote Bag


Everyone could use a Sagittarius side-kick who is always down for an adventure. Their independent, curious personality makes for a great travel buddy and a sometimes not-so-great influence. To give them a gift you KNOW they’ll use and love, surprise them with a functional travel makeup bag or a travel sleep set with an eye mask and pillow. You’ll be doing them the biggest favor by keeping their beauty bright.


Capricorns don’t stop moving, even during the holidays. These hard-working, ambitious beings are constantly focused on the present without having time to think about the future. Remind them that self-care is the best care with a box of goods. Include a jade roller, reusable cotton rounds, or antique apothecary jars for them to use around the house. Go big with the I’m All In bundle that will help ensure their skin is staying supple amid all the work they put themselves through.


If anyone is difficult to shop for, it’s a Pisces. How are you supposed to get someone something they can make better themself? Pisces are creative, generous, empathetic people who love to express their feelings with handmade gifts. Give them a taste of their own medicine with an upcycled homemade art piece or book of positive affirmations. Everyone deserves to feel all the love on the holidays, but especially a Pisces!

Did we help get the creative juices flowing for your never-ending shopping list? Trying to find the perfect gift for that perfect person in your life is never easy. But remember, it’s not about the gift, it’s about the gesture. Have a happy holiday!