If you’ve ever shopped for a new skincare product and later found your skin burning or stinging from it, you might have jumped to the conclusion that you have sensitive skin. While that self-proclaimed determination may be true for some, it’s definitely not the case for everyone who has had this experience. Don’t let a bad experience scare you away from trying new products for the rest of your life. We’d hate to see you miss out on the plant-powered skincare that might just give you the glowing skin of your dreams.

The good news is that constant skin irritation can mean two things. You may either have a sensitive skin type or a sensitized skin condition. External factors like the weather, lifestyle changes, and certain skincare ingredients can contribute to a sensitized skin condition. Internal factors like genetics, allergies, and even hormones are all contributors to having a sensitive skin type. The best part is, both can be managed!

Below, we’re giving you some much-needed peace of mind for addressing your skin concerns and blanketing them in relief.

Overly Dry, Flaky Skin

When skin is dry and flaky, it’s practically begging you for a tall glass of hydration. Whether you struggle with a sensitive skin type or condition, dry skin will become inflamed when there isn’t enough moisture on the outer surface. Hydration is key to reinforcing and protecting the skin barrier, which will in turn remedy the flakes. When in doubt, carry moisturizer on you at all times.

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Irritation Due to Harsh Chemicals, Wind, Sun, Cold or Pollution

The rumors are true: Skin can become irritated due to a variety of exposures in our daily life. Weather, pollutants, and exposure to harsh chemicals in everyday skincare products can all wreak havoc on our skin. These factors are not only a source of sensitization in skin, but they also cause flare-ups in sensitive skin types, as well. While you can’t let these environmental stressors prevent you from going outside, you can have clean, antioxidant-rich products to help protect your skin and encourage a daily bounce back.

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Acne Breakouts

Acne breakouts are nobody’s best friend. To bring this conversation full circle, a lot of the above factors cause the skin barrier to weaken, which can lead to blemishes and texture forming. This breakout causing breakdown in your skin’s natural defense system puts your skin in a sensitive and sometimes painful spot. Just like with dry skin, if you manage the underlying problem, you’ll have your aha-moment in terms of skin sensitivity.

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Allergic Reactions

Skin reactions from allergies can occur as a result of exposure to many of the common ingredients found in popular skincare products. These reactions can manifest as redness, itchiness, warmth, or hives. If you know exactly which chemical you are allergic to, you can easily avoid skincare products that incorporate the specific ingredient. However, other allergens like pollen can also show their effects not only to your sinuses but also your skin. If “allergy szn” gives you hives just thinking about it, try our tips above before braving the outdoors.

One thing’s for sure, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin irritations. Hopefully this blog gave you a little clarity on the difference and how you can battle your skin concerns moving forward. If you ask us, we heard products sourced from mother nature often do wonders for your skin health (*wink wink*).