We worry so much about caring for our faces, our hands and feet, and the rest of our body - but where’s the love for our scalp? After all, it counts as skin too! Skin that can be dry, oily, sensitive, bumpy, and experience a lot of the same concerns that pertain to the rest of our body. If you’re anything like most people, you only give your scalp attention during your shampoo ritual. Don’t you think it deserves a little more TLC? Here’s how to turn scalp care into self-care. 

Make Dry, Flaky Skin a Thing of the Past 

Waking up with flakes is never an empowering way to start the day. As always, you can look to mother nature to give you a remedy you can feel good about. Tea tree oil has been proven to help keep flakes to a minimum. If dry skin is your bigger concern, you can also use rosehip and coconut oil to enhance hydration. 

Just as it’s recommended to exfoliate your face every so often, this practice can also be applied for scalp care. Massage salicylic acid treatment or a gentle physical exfoliating scrub onto your scalp to get rid of dead skin and build up. Have yourself a day and do a full-body exfoliation treatment so that your self-care is synced. We actually can’t think of a better way to spend your time. 

Find a Happy Medium with Oil Production 

Ever heard the devastating rumor that washing your hair every day is bad for it? We know what you’re thinking. “But how am I supposed to skip a wash day when my oily hair literally looks damp?” And to that, we advise you to reconsider the shampoo that’s stripping your hair of its natural oil. 

When your shampoo isn’t quality, your scalp is going to produce more oil to compensate for the moisture loss. Try using gentler hair care products with better ingredients, and then report back to us. You should also play around with a hydrating hair mask, or whip up your own formula using jojoba, shea, or coconut oil to help your scalp bounce back. There’s hope for it - don’t think your oily hair is forever! 

Scalp care

Prevent Scalp Acne From Approaching the Surface (or Ever Existing)

Some of us have accepted that scalp acne is a part of us. At least no one else can see it, right? True, but there are a few scalp care procedures you can follow to try and get it out of your system for good. First and foremost, doing the above to balance oil production should help your scalp from having to work around the clock to produce double the oil. 

Getting rid of poor quality hair care products should be your next step to prevent build up from piling onto your scalp and clogging hair follicles. You should also get in the habit of rinsing your hair thoroughly and diligently every time you’re in the shower. Lastly, you can always refer back to tea tree oil, which has proven to be helpful with antibacterial properties if you feel the acne may be unrelated to your hair care routine. 

As a skincare brand, we feel it’s our responsibility to shed some light on scalp care to help combat flakes and flat hair forever. Make skincare a priority from head to toe by giving your scalp some much-needed attention. Even the most forgotten skin spot deserves a treatment every now and then.