From crystal rollers to microdermabrasion devices, beauty tools are almost as prevalent on our social feeds as cute animal pictures and memes. While they look stunning in a curated flat lay, the real question is: What purpose do they serve and should you invest? Keep reading to find out the scoop on some of the beauty world’s most prized possessions.

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Jade Rollers

When your face is in need of a little DIY massage, reach for a jade roller to work its magic. This hand-sized tool looks similar to a paint roller with two cylinder jade stones at opposite ends. Jade rollers are ideal for getting your blood circulation flowing and also helping your skincare products sink deeper.

Get your roll on once a day or multiple times a day depending on your skin’s need for a soothing sensation. The jade roller’s natural coolness can help target and calm redness and give a dose of de-puffing. You can also find a rose quartz roller to achieve similar results.

Freeze Tools

Freeze tools or a wake-up call? You be the judge. Between ice rollers and cooling globes, these beauty tools are designed to depuff and awaken skin. Throw these babies in the freezer for a spa-like morning that will prepare you for whatever the day has in store.

The purpose of these beauty tools are to soothe your skin while alleviating puffiness and stimulating lymphatic drainage. Rumor has it, your skin will become overall tighter and more firm after adding these tools into your skincare routine.

Handheld Physical Exfoliators

As seen on social media, handheld exfoliators are trending in the beauty world. Skincare gurus use them to take off dead skin and clean out pores, leaving your face looking fresh and feeling smooth.

However, if your goal is to resurface your skin, be cautious of the type of handheld exfoliator you use. Silicone exfoliators are much more sensitive-friendly than those made with bristles. First and foremost, look out for your skin!

Gua Shas

A technique from ancient Chinese medicine that has taken the world by storm. Gua sha consists of stroking your skin with a massage tool in order to increase blood flow and circulation. Users have claimed that this technique also helps with brightening and facelifting.

Use this massage tool when applying your serums or other skincare products to ensure even and deep distribution on skin. For the most effective results, don’t be afraid to pull up a YouTube video to see how it’s done. We’ve all been there.

While these tools are a fun way to get into self-care, be sure to use them with caution to avoid causing any damage to your skin. Some things, like microdermabrasion and microneedling, should be left for the professionals. Better to be safe than missing your old face. Give these beauty tools a try to enhance your daily regimen and treat yourself to some extra TLC. And don’t forget to snap an obligatory pic in the process.