You may have already noticed that Luma & Leaf is a different kind of skincare company. We are committed to a core set of values that shape everything we do for you.

For every skincare product we create, we ask ourselves four things:

  1. Is it good for your skin?
  2. Is it good for your whole person?
  3. Is it good for our planet?
  4. Is it going to repel all the negative energy from your least favorite coworker?

We've shared with you the many ways our products are good for your skin and good for your whole body, so let's mix it up a little bit and talk about how we can recycle and reuse to be good to our planet, as well.

Did you know that Luma & Leaf containers can be upcycled to make something beautiful for your home?

Once you've spritzed the last spray or pumped the last squirt, don't toss that container in the trash. Repurpose it to give it new life!

Below you'll find 5 ideas for putting your empty containers to good use.

1. Relief & Repair Moisturizer

Repurpose this bottle into a lovely little pot that makes for a good excuse to buy another succulent. If you're really feeling up for it, you could even use it as a container to mix DIY face masks.

4 Ideas for Repurposing Those Beautiful Bottles You Just Can't Part With | Luma & Leaf

2. Hydraglow Cleansing Gel

Go ahead and hit up your local farmer's market and pick up some flowers. You can reuse your Hydraglow Cleanser as a bud vase. Yep, you read that right. Functional and fashionable.

3. Luminous Light Moisturizer

No need to spend extra money to make your bathroom counter look fun and fresh. Pop off the top and you now have yourself a new little organizer for your bobby pins, hair ties, or even q-tips.

4 Ideas for Repurposing Those Beautiful Bottles You Just Can't Part With | Luma & Leaf

4. Afterglow Serum and Clear Slate Serum

These tiny glass bottles make the cutest miniature bud vases. Pick a few of your favorite buds and place them in your container to put a smile on your face every time you pass by.

In the unlikely event you do want to get rid of your containers, each of the glass bottles can be recycled, and our moisturizer containers are made of recyclable plastic, as well. For easy directions on how to recycle them, just check in with your local curbside program.