Ah yes, the shame and rush to prevent premature skin aging. Many people wonder, “When is the right time to start? How soon is too soon? How late is too late?” The truth is, your skin and its aging process are beautiful.

Deciding to incorporate firming skincare products into your routine should be based on what you feel your skin needs, not society. No matter your age or phase of life, you can incorporate age-supporting skincare practices easily and effectively. Follow along to get your skin to a comfortable, vibrant, and healthy place.

Get Started 

We’ve heard one too many times that preventing premature skin aging should begin when you’re in a certain age bracket. While it may be beneficial to start younger, the majority of age-supporting skincare products are designed for every stage of adulthood.

Prevention can begin as early as your 20s, due to collagen production beginning to decrease around this time in life. Thanks to modern research and the invention of the internet, today’s 20-year olds are more aware of this fact and, in turn, able to start incorporating age-supporting practices much sooner. If you missed this mark, don’t stress. Today is a beautiful day to prioritize skin health!

When getting started, an excellent first step would be to add vitamin C, SPF, and a hydrating moisturizer into your preventative lineup. We recommend using vitamin C in the AM, and then SPF and moisturizer both in the AM and PM. Remember to always apply any skincare products to your neck, as well. This is to guarantee your neck is getting the same TLC as your face, which will allow them to age gracefully together.

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Keep Going

While you’re on your long-awaited skincare journey, don’t feel discouraged or behind. It takes time and patience to see results #ProgressNotPerfection. It’s amazing how your skin will transform before your eyes. One day, you’ll wake up and glow like you’ve never glowed before. We love that for you.

During this process, SPF will be your best friend and secret keeper. Nothing damages your skin quite like the sun, so protect your face and your whole body whenever you know you’ll be exposed. You won’t see sun damage right away, but you can be sure it’s brewing under the surface. Trust us on this one, don’t wait until the fine lines arrive.

Own & Enhance your Natural Radiance 

Now that you’ve started and progressed down the road of preventable signs of aging skin, it’s time to make this a regular part of your everyday routine (forever). The older you get, the more your skin changes. In order to keep up with your skin’s needs, you’ll want to add a couple of more steps to your lineup. And this goes for everyone!

As you enter your late 20s, 30s, and beyond, this is when the heavy hitters come into play. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), stronger vitamin C potencies, peptides, and retinoids (or alternatives like bakuchiol) are perfect for continuing to preserve skin. Use AHAs or vitamin C in the AM, and peptides or retinoids in the PM.

Our only advice when using these age-supporting skincare products is to be sure not to overdo it. The goal is to keep skin looking healthy and fresh, not inflamed and irritated. Dime-sized quantities contain all the power you need. Our very own age-supporting Rejuvenating Collection contains gentle, approachable formulas to help ease you into the transition.

The sooner you start incorporating firming skincare products into your life, the sooner you’ll see progress and more importantly, feel it. Without a doubt, the road to supple, ageless skin is a marathon and not a sprint, but it’s never too late to begin. Cheers to aging like fine wine (with a little help from products along the way)!