Just when you thought you were hitting all the bases in your skincare routine, we’re that little voice in the back of your head reminding you to think twice before you buy everything you see on TikTok.

All of the goods you’ve been experimenting with recently could inadvertently be damaging your skin or causing other products to be deemed ineffective. But don’t panic! We’re exposing some common skincare mistakes people often make so that you can know better and then do better.

Skincare Sabotage: Common Skincare Mistakes you Might be Making | Luma & Leaf

Mistake #1: Mixing Active Ingredients

Nowadays, people can easily go overboard with acids when it comes to their skincare routine. And while acids are some pretty supreme, effective ingredients, they should definitely be used strategically - and not all at once.

For example, you should refrain from immediately layering vitamin C with glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid in the same sitting. These ingredients are all powerhouses on their own, so doubling up on them will either cause them to go inactive or cause serious skin irritation. The same can sometimes be said for using two products together with the same actives, unless active ingredients are mild and meant to be used in tandem. To be safe, consider using one in the AM and one in the PM until you see how your skin responds.

Do any of these ingredients read like a foreign language to you? Learn more from our Skin Glossary.  

Mistake #2: Using a Product that Doesn't Agree with your Skin

We get it, you want to be that girl who casually spends every evening in a fluffy robe, putting on face oil with a jade roller. Definitely try to be that girl if that’s what your heart desires, but if your acne-prone skin doesn’t agree with this lifestyle, you must listen to it.

We 100% encourage product experimentation to see what works with your skin type, but at the end of the day, you have to put your face first. Using an extra foamy, active-heavy cleanser probably won’t be effective if you have sensitive or dry skin, but that’s not to say there isn’t a cleanser out there for you. Join our Clean Skin Crew to ask the community or search the group to see the success rate of products for your skin type. There’s definitely someone in there who has tried a product you’ve been eyeing so you don’t have to. #SharingIsCaring

Mistake #3: You're Using too Many Products

Just because your favorite influencer uses x, y, and z products, doesn’t mean you should, too. It’s very common for your skin to get overwhelmed by product-overload when you introduce too many at once. Just like training for a marathon, you have to start slow and steady in order to see a difference in the end. Use that same approach when it comes to skincare and be kind to your face.

Skincare Sabotage: Common Skincare Mistakes you Might be Making | Luma & Leaf

Mistake #4: Not Keeping Things Clean

Cleanliness is key when it comes to skincare. Imagine putting all your effort into perfecting a skincare routine, only to not get accurate results simply because your hands were dirty. Now that’s sabotage. Washing your hands should always be the very first step in your regimen.

Another pro tip is paying attention to the storage instructions listed on each product you use. Properly storing your skincare is critical for preserving the formula and maximizing its lifespan. It’s also never a good idea to double dip from one product to another, especially if their storage settings differ. Keep your hard-earned skincare clean and cared for. And wash your makeup brushes while you’re at it.

If you’re guilty of doing any of the above, this is a judgement-free zone. We even had to kick a couple of bad habits after doing research and seeing what our skin could potentially go through when using the wrong products at the wrong times. SOS: Save Our Skin - and share these common skincare mistakes with a friend so they can do the same!