Self-care can sometimes look like cucumbers over the eyes, a fluffy headband on, and an insta-worthy face mask. Other times, it can look like getting out of the house and investing in professional facial treatments. Which self-care enthusiast are you? 

If you’re a facial goer or wannabe, we’re here to talk about the basics. There are many different types of facial treatments you can get. Each skincare specialist has their own way of doing things, so you won’t get the same experience or even the same product-use everywhere. Keep reading for the pros and cons of carving out time and money for this kind of beauty luxury. 


Increases Circulation 

Massaging the skin can cause more blood to flow to the face, which is always a good thing. This way, skin cells are getting more oxygen for healthy circulation. 


Part of getting a facial treatment means extracting all the gunk that’s trapped deep in your pores. Trust us when we say this is a much safer way to clear out those whiteheads and blackheads than picking at them in your magnifying mirror. 

Boosts Skin’s Absorption Abilities 

Getting facials often means getting the reset your skin needs to open pores and extract buildup. This is why the steaming process alone is always worth the trip. Open pores allow products to seep into the skin and essentially cause them to work more effectively. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a good skin reset and refresh, a facial does the trick. 

Relieves Stress 

When has a spa day ever sounded like a chore? Studies have shown that facials activate your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In layman’s terms, they have a way of reducing anxiety and boosting moods. We believe it! Your skin shows when you’re stressed, so the more facial treatments you get, the less prone you’ll be to acne breakouts. 

Slows the Aging Process 

When you’re detoxifying your skin, exposing it to steam, opening up your pores, and using high-grade skincare products, your skin will look much more supple. Not to mention, the facial treatment process also increases collagen production and boosts cell turnover for firmer and smoother skin. Anything to look a little younger, right? Right. 



Not Wallet-Friendly 

If facials were $10 a pop, we’d probably all have gotten at least one by now (or one dozen). The unfortunate truth is that they can be pricey depending on the products used and treatment selected. Do you need to budget for monthly facials to look your best? Absolutely not. You can adapt many of the same techniques at home for a more affordable approach. But, if you ever get the chance or want to self-care splurge, we fully support you having yourself a day. 

Post-Facial Sensitivity

After getting a facial treatment, it’s not uncommon for skin to be extra sensitive to sunshine. It’s highly recommended to spend a couple days indoors or hop between cozy coffee shops to avoid direct contact with the sun. If you must be out-and-about, be sure to layer on your trusty broad spectrum SPF. No ifs, ands, or buts. 

Allergy Concerns 

If you have allergies, scream them to the rooftops, honey. The last thing we’d want to hear is you leaving the spa with an allergic reaction after feeling so incredibly inspired by this blog. Be open with your esthetician and let them know what ingredients aren’t friends with your skin. Especially if you have sensitive skin or active blemishes, it’d be in your best interest to patch test before diving in face first. 

Redness & Irritation Reactions

Four words: Plan facial treatments accordingly. You won’t always come out of a facial looking like you did going in. Be prepared that certain treatments have certain healing processes. Ask the esthetician up-front what the healing process looks like and don’t schedule fun weekend getaway plans in case your skin requires a rain check. 

Last but not least, always go to a trusted, well-vetted spa or esthetician. You wouldn’t bring in a Pinterest inspo pic to a nail salon without checking the photos on Yelp first, would you? Be sure to seek reassurance that the tools being used are consistently sterilized and the environment is held to a clean, high standard.