Be honest, did the internet convince you that you needed to invest in a good makeup primer to maintain that day-to-night look? We thought so.

As skincare enthusiasts, we’re debunking this theory in hopes to stop the unnecessary spending of primers around the world. Do you need makeup primer? The short answer is not exactly. Primers actually serve few purposes for your makeup look. We’re explaining how and why your skincare routine holds all the power below.

Luma & Leaf | Natural, Hydrating Skincare Powered by Plants


A primer’s primary goal is to smooth the surface of the skin in preparation for your foundation by filling pores and blurring blemishes. In reality, primers often clog pores, which leads to more texture and more blemishes than you had in the first place.

If your skin feels overly textured, try introducing some resurfacing ingredients into your routine. AHAs, fruit acids, and niacinamide all work wonders to create a smoother, more even surface on skin. If dry patches are the root of your texturization, a hydrating moisturizer may be the fix you need and could even give your skin a plumper presence as an added bonus.


Justice for your Moisturizer

Sure, hydrating primers work to give your skin an extra boost of H2O… but what’s wrong with your moisturizer? Moisturizers are designed to be the icing on the cake of your skincare routine. They set your skin up as a perfect canvas to start applying makeup. So, why do you need a makeup primer? Sounds like an extra step to us.

Some mattifying primers also claim to combat midday shine, but can we all agree we’ve never met one that prevents our forehead from eventually becoming the center of attention? Trying to matte your skin is simply not the answer because you never want to strip it of its natural moisture. Instead, focus on gearing your skincare products to balance and regulate oil production by incorporating ingredients like squalane. Hydrate your skin from the start to turn midday shine into a yes-queen dewy glow.


Luma & Leaf | Natural, Hydrating Skincare Powered by Plants

Target the Source

But wait, there’s more! Some may argue that color correcting primers are the exception because of their magical ability to “fix” blemishes. We still stand firm in our belief that a much better, more effective long-term solution is to target blemishes at the source to eradicate the need to color correct anything. You wouldn't put moisturizer on your face without cleansing it first, would you? (We hope not.)

If you take anything away from this read, we hope it’s that your skincare routine is key. Spend all your time and effort perfecting it to meet your skin’s needs so you don’t waste another dollar on products that won’t benefit you. Why do you need makeup primer when you’ve got us?