We know it and we love it, but what exactly is it? We’re uncovering the basics of beauty sleep. 

Sleeping beauty didn’t become beautiful without her beauty sleep. Say that ten times fast! The secret to her success may seem like a fairytale, but in reality, it’s actually backed by science. Keep reading to learn the benefits and basics of beauty sleep.

What is beauty sleep?

Beauty sleep directly correlates to quality sleep. The average adult should be getting anywhere from seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night. And while quality sleep can’t turn you into a supermodel overnight, it does have many physical benefits.

What happens when we sleep?

While you drift off to dreamland, your body is still hard at work. Sleep is when some of the most critical internal (and epidermal) recoveries happen. 

Many restorative processes occur during sleep, including the increased production of growth hormone, which is thought to help with muscle growth and the rebuilding of cells. The creation of hormones that prevent sickness and fight infection also occurs during sleep, as well as the formation and maintenance of pathways in the brain related to learning/memory. Sleep is when our body resets and recovers.

What are the benefits of beauty sleep?

We’ve all woken up from a terrible night’s sleep to our skin looking dull and dragged. Sleep deprivation can lead to many undesirable imperfections, like paler skin, swollen eyes, and fine lines. Getting sufficient sleep each and every night makes a difference in many ways, especially in the beauty department.

Some of the benefits include: 

  • Reduced wrinkles 
  • Healthier complexion 
  • Less puffy eyes 
  • Quality collagen production 
  • More self confidence 
  • Repairs skin damage


Tips For Better Sleep

If you could use a few more hours of winks every night, make it happen! You and your skin deserve it. Here are our best tips for better beauty sleep: 

  1. Do your nighttime skincare routine so your skin can work its magic overnight 
  2. Have a consistent nighttime routine 
  3. Set your AC to a comfortable temperature 
  4. Turn off all lights and set your phone aside 
  5. Limit caffeine intake before bed 
  6. Relax, reset, and mist away with the aromatherapeutic scents of lavender from Dream On Mist


Did you just read a blog that encouraged you to stay in bed longer and sleep a little later? Yes. Do it, and thank us later!