Acne. Everyone has experienced it in some form or another. Whether it was a high school phase, a punishment for a long night out, or just another day in your life, we’ve all been there. However, the tricky part is learning the acne types you’re dealing with so you can best target it at the root. We’re digging deep into those pores to inform you of the type of acne you’ve been #blessed with.

Comedonal Acne - Cue the Whiteheads & Blackheads

When hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, comedones can begin to develop. Next thing you know, your typical whiteheads and blackheads form - and always tend to overstay their welcome.

This acne type can be so frustrating to try and rid from your skin, and squeezing them in your magnifying mirror just isn’t going to cut it. Instead, look for products that are labeled non-comedogenic and pair with a gentle resurfacing mask to dig deep into pores and purify skin’s surface. Trust us, it’s the only way out.

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Inflammatory Acne - Cue the Papules & Pustules

This is one of those acne types that sadly speaks for itself. When follicles get clogged, the bacteria that is normally present in the healthy follicle begins to multiple and flourish like a little garden. In situations like these, the bacteria is so sweetly referred to as an opportunistic pathogen.

Of course the overgrown bacteria then causes inflammation, redness, and those painful white-capped pimples #IYKYK. If you find yourself on the struggle bus with acne like this, we recommend cleansing your face regularly, finding products your acne responds to, and making a stop at your local derm.

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Nodulocystic Acne - Cue the Nodules & Cysts

Nodulocystic is a severe form of acne characterized by the presence of nodules (or firm lumps) and cysts on your face, chest, and back. These breakouts are much larger and deeper than other acne types, and can often be very painful.

Because of the nature of nodulocystic acne, scarring can be a big concern. A trip to the dermatologist is the best starting point for ensuring that you nip this acne in the bud before readjusting your at-home routine.

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Hormonal Acne - Cue the Papules & Cysts

Haven’t we all been hit with the “hormonal acne” results at one point in our lives? It’s no surprise that acne can also be caused by what’s happening internally. Hormonal acne, which is correctly associated with that time of the month, often is localized around the chin, jawline, and cheeks.

These deep-set inflamed pimples can be very tender and sadly don’t get any better with heating pads and chocolate. If hormonal acne becomes unmanageable by your routine alone, there may be other prescription methods to help alleviate this unwelcome monthly occurrence.

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Perioral Dermatitis - Cue the Bumpy Roads

While perioral dermatitis is actually a rash, it can often be confused with acne due to its red, bumpy texture. This rash affects the area around your mouth and is sometimes accompanied by pain and burning (relax, it’s not contagious).

If you found yourself confused by this kind of texture on your face, call up the derm because unfortunately your acne serum won’t help here. However, maintaining a consistent skincare routine can help ensure your skin gets accustomed to the products being put on it daily. And remember, quality over quantity - always.

Acne types aren’t fun, but taking care of your skin should be. When you get in the groove of repeating the same routine day after day, you’ll notice your skin start to glow over time. Keep your hands clean, keep your face clean, and minimize acne breakouts by acknowledging the type and acting on it. The proof is in the pudding!