Plants are becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. And we’re here for it! The biophilia trend is changing the world, one fiddle leaf fig at a time.

Nature is meant to belong in our lives. We inherently crave to be closer to it, whether that’s appreciating a bouquet of flowers, mulling through the aisles of a farmer’s market, going for a hike, or just enjoying a walk in our neighborhood. Bringing nature even closer to us is on the rise and it has endless benefits for our whole body wellness. We’re breaking down the biophilia trend so you can take the necessary steps toward a happy, healthier you.

The Biophilia Trend is Here to Stay

Biophilia, according to Merriam, is “a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature.” It wasn’t until recent years that we saw a spike in plants being welcomed indoors as they fill offices and homes around the globe. This trend caught wind quickly and has even transformed the way we eat and consume products. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that plants are not only appealing to the eye, but also the mind, body, and spirit?

Mother Nature provides incredible health benefits to humans that include, but are not limited to, mental health clarity, enhanced productivity, improved physical health, and more. As we normalize the conversation surrounding mental health, it’s important to acknowledge the state of today’s digital world and allow nature to reclaim its space in our lives. Our brains could use less social scrolling and more plant parenting.

 Luma & Leaf | Natural, Hydrating Skincare Powered by Plants

Incorporating Biophilia into our Day-To-Day

The art of incorporating biophilia principles into our everyday spaces is considered biophilic design. Due to our minimized connection to nature, biophilic design works to reduce stress and spark creativity by improving our environments with natural elements. These elements can be found in the form of plants, natural materials, and an ecosystem-type simulation.

You can start by heading to your local plant nursery to pick out some beautiful botanicals that speak to you. Be sure to do your research ahead of arrival to ensure you have the time and knowledge to properly care for the plants you choose! Then, fill your home and workplace with them to boost your mood and elevate your space.

You can improve your physical well-being by choosing to ingest natural substances through your skincare, food, supplements, etc. And yes, you do end up ingesting whatever you put onto your skin. When we were thinking up our formulations, we felt that same desire to utilize what nature has given us to create our plant-powered skincare line. You should, without a doubt, make an effort to incorporate more plant-based products into your day-to-day.

Finally, designing an ecosystem-type simulation can look like many different things. Maybe you were destined to be a cave person and find that you’re most creative in a dark, quiet room. Or, maybe you’ve always found comfort in falling asleep next to the water, so investing in a sound machine and star lamp should be your next move. Either way, adding these sensory elements can also improve your natural connection to the Earth.

 Luma & Leaf | The Biophilia Trend: Why Plants are our People

When in doubt, seek inspiration from others! We’ve pulled a couple of dreamy rooms you can emulate as you transition into this biophilic way of life.

Luma & Leaf | Natural, Hydrating Skincare Powered by Plants

The biophilia trend is here to stay because plants are our people. We should embrace our relationship with nature and take in all the goods it has to offer. Ready to start with skincare?