From cacti to snake plants and everything in between, indoor plants not only began trending in homes, but also in businesses around the globe.

Their beautiful presence enhances the ambiance of every room and we’d be lying if we said they weren’t the perfect addition to any IG grid. If you haven’t yet adopted your first one, maybe these benefits of indoor plants will change your mind.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Why You Need to Buy One ASAP | Luma & Leaf

Being One with Nature

If you’ve ever needed to take a walk or a hike when feeling down, you understand the effects nature can have on your overall mental fatigue. Studies have shown that even the briefest experience with nature can make us more cooperative and compassionate. Sometimes, you just crave the energy that nature has the amazing ability to fuel you with. And what do you do when you can’t just live outside all the time? You bring the plants home with you and make your own jungle of happiness.

Reducing Indoor Debris

Did you know plants absorb toxic substances (like formaldehyde) that are known as off-gas pollutants to help cleanse the air and reduce indoor dust? #Science. This fact alone proves that indoor plants are pure magic. If keeping a pristine house isn’t your forte, maybe consider adding a couple of house plants to your indoor collection to at least keep the air clean.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Why You Need to Buy One ASAP | Luma & Leaf

Boosting Serotonin

There’s no better way to get the creative juices flowing than to surround yourself with house plants. Because one of the benefits of indoor plants is to increase oxygenation, our energy and mental focus automatically improve when we come in contact with them. It’s no wonder modern-day work environments have started to add these perfect beings into their offices to enhance the overall vibe. When you feel better, you work better.

Lowering Stress & Anxiety

Simply being around plants has psychological benefits, but caring for your plants has also proven to decrease stress and anxiety levels. The act of looking after a living thing comes with responsibility. When you set aside time to water, groom, touch, and talk to your plants, you’re really doing wonders for your mental health. If the responsibility-aspect has been deterring you from getting a plant of your own, just remember that it might actually change your life, too.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Why You Need to Buy One ASAP | Luma & Leaf

Inner Peace

We’re no experts, but something tells us that walking into a home filled with indoor plants will bring someone a lot more inner peace than walking into a home without. Just imagine being truly immersed in an environment filled with the life and love plants naturally exert. Humans in general have a strong connection to nature, so bringing them into your home will immediately make you feel more calm and relaxed.

The Benefits of Indoor Plants & Why You Need to Buy One ASAP | Luma & Leaf

Enhances your Skin's Natural Glow

It wouldn’t be on-brand for us if we didn’t mention the skincare pros of having indoor plants around. When plants release water vapor into the air, it increases the humidity throughout your home and, in turn, improves respiratory and skin health. So when you get out of the shower or have on your heater during the colder months, you can combat the dryness in the air by spending a little TLC time with your plant friends. It’s a win-win.

The benefits of indoor plants do not stop here. We could write a whole book on how these beautiful, lush beings make for happier, healthier humans. And have we mentioned they also make really great skincare products?