Dream On Mist $24.00

Lavender + Blueberry Sleep Mist

A mist for dry, sensitive skin that helps calm inflammation while reducing irritation and flare-ups to gently lull you to sleep. Let calm skin set the tone for rest with our cooling, hydrating, and sleep-inducing mist. Formulated with skin relaxing ingredients like rooibos tea, which targets redness, and antioxidant-rich blueberry that helps boost skin's complexion and clarity. Dream On helps combat the feel of inflammation so you can recharge undisturbed and promotes a more balanced skin barrier so while you rest, restoration can do its best.



Formulated For:

  • Sleep aid
  • Extra-sensitive skin types
  • Reactive skin

Key Ingredients

  • Rooibos tea: Soothing, redness-reducing
  • Wild violet: Anti-inflammatory, cooling
  • Blueberry: Complexion-boosting, plumpling
  • Hops: Conditioning, softening

How to Use:

  • HOW: Shake first, then hold bottle 8-10 inches from face. Mist in a circular motion.
  • WHERE: All over face.
  • WHEN: Use at night to wind down and relax skin.
  • LUMA TIP: For an ultimate snooze, give your pillow a few spritzes too.

Clean Promise

This product meets the clean beauty standards developed by the EU, Canada, and several trusted retailers.

  • Derm Tested

  • All skin Types

  • Kind to Skin

  • Sustainably Sourced

  • Vegan & Cruelty Free

Every ingredient we select is beneficial. Here are just a few power players:

  • HOPS

    This do-it-all flower brews up a lot of love for skin. It conditions and moisturizes all while helping reduce redness for a softer surface when you wake.


    One of the most potent fruit antioxidants, this complexion-boosting berry keeps skin soothed for undisturbed sleep and stimulates collagen for a firmer, more plump appearance.


    Bring on the soothing sensation. This beauty helps to fight inflammation and protects against environmental stressors to prevent skin barrier damage.


    Not just for your cup! This antioxidant-rich hero helps relieve redness, irritation, and keeps skin cool so overnight renewal can flourish.

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