Giving Tuesday on November 30th, is dedicated to spreading love and encouraging activism within our communities. Get inspired with one of our ideas to make a difference this year. 

The foundation of our skincare brand is empowerment and positivity. With everything we do, we make sure to keep our community at the forefront of our operation to ensure that the difference we’re making is benefiting those around us. Our 8th Guiding Light is Building a Community of Support. We encourage our consumers to always choose kindness and use their voices to make a difference. 

This Giving Tuesday, we challenge you to get involved. Choose one (or more) of the initiatives below to make someone feel loved this year. We could all use a little extra TLC. 

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Pay it Forward 

This may just be another Tuesday to you, but it could be the stranger next to you in the grocery store’s hardest day. You never know what people are going through, so pay it forward if you have the means. Buy a stranger’s drink on your routine coffee run or purchase a stuffed animal for the next child you see. Make someone’s day today.


You’ve probably heard about people volunteering for a soup kitchen or local charity, but have you ever thought about doing it yourself? Getting involved in your community in an unexpected way can often lead to life-changing experiences. Step out of your comfort zone a bit to put yourself in someone else’s shoes this holiday season. It may just change your entire perspective on the most wonderful time of the year.


We don’t know who needs to hear this, but there are definitely clothes in your closet that don’t align with your vibe anymore. Take some time after the turkey coma wears off to do a closet clean-out. Fill a trash bag full of unwanted items and donate it to local charities, women’s shelters (S/o Maid on Netflix), or the Salvation Army. Be the ultimate giver this year and encourage your whole household to do the same. Blast some holiday tunes and declutter your space for a good cause. 


This is your daily reminder to check on even the strongest people in your life. The holidays are a great time to catch up with old friends or relatives you haven’t had the chance to see yet. Schedule an impromptu hike or lunch date, or offer to watch your friend’s children to allow them a moment of peace, quiet, and self-care time. Be sure to let your people know you love them. 

Be a Light 

However you decide to contribute on Giving Tuesday, know that you are making someone (or many people) incredibly happy and seen. Be a light this holiday season by making a conscious effort to make a difference in this world. Imagine the impact we could make if we all put our heads together? 

Share these ideas with your friends to educate them on this special day and challenge them to spread the love. If you have been inspired by this blog, tag us on Instagram so we can blast your good deeds with the world!