The joy of the holiday season rolls around every year, along with the shopping and social stress that sometimes comes along with it. We’re helping all the zodiac signs get through these holiday scaries by reminding you to prioritize self-care during those moments of stress.


Aquariuses tend to go into hiding when they feel even a little bit of stress. We get it, especially when the weather outside is frightful. If you’re someone who finds themself surrounded by too many Ebenezer Scrooges, try soaking the stress away in a warm, relaxing bath. Light a candle, put on your favorite podcast or playlist, and set aside some time for self-care. Tomorrow is a new day to set boundaries and let it go.


Geminis have definitely been referred to as a social butterfly a time or two. Geminis prosper with a busy schedule, and during the holidays, there’s always something going on. This time of year, you may feel like you’re juggling too many responsibilities with very little downtime. When feeling overwhelmed, make it a point to slow down and do deep breathing exercises. Say no to social plans every once in a while to protect your energy and enjoy some solo time by watching your favorite holiday movie with hot cocoa in hand.


Do you have the tendency to spread yourself too thin by trying to lend everyone a helping hand? Libras usually struggle with this, especially during the holiday season when someone needs your help cooking, wrapping presents, running errands, and staying busy. The best way for Libras to unwind is by re-establishing your harmony with a brisk walk outside or an outdoor art project. There is nothing more essential than taking a moment to feel refreshed. Your wrapping skills may just depend on it.


This water sign swims away from stressful situations at every turn. Stay away from the chaos that is inevitably occurring in the kitchen or the heated debate about sports that may have ensued. If you’re feeling stressed by everyone else’s stress, give yourself a mental and emotional break. Headphones on, world out. We both know it’s for the best.


Cancers have a habit of saying no to issues and feelings, and yes to holiday sweets when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. But can you blame them when peanut butter blossoms are in the other room (IYKYK)? Although you’re very good about being concerned for your loved ones and wanting to nurture everybody around you, remember to take some time for yourself too! Spend quality one-on-one time with someone you love or bake a delicious, warm recipe. Better yet, do both and have zero regrets.


The holiday season involves a lot of catching up with people old and new, and Scorpios typically don’t love when their plate is too full. Known for being reserved, this zodiac sign would rather spend quality time with loved ones than out-and-about attending plans they didn’t subscribe to. Before getting overwhelmed, try rewarding yourself with a facial or splurge on a massage. The self-care will allow you moments of alone time and gratitude to recharge your energy. Do what you have to do!


If you’re an Aries, you may or may not have some jolly holiday memories. Aries are passionate and determined, yet short-tempered and impatient. Black Friday lines aren’t fun for any of us, don’t sweat it. Instead of taking your anger out on the slow cashier, try blowing off some steam prior to braving the stores with a HIIT workout or an aggressive journaling sesh. Either can help you get in the happy holiday mindset.


Traveling and new scenery makes a Sagittarius do a happy dance. Although you are the sign of freedom, don’t get caught up in agreeing to too many plans at once or breaking the bank with traveling trips you can’t afford. When you’re feeling upset that you can’t do it all this holiday season, switch up your environment. Explore a different part of your neighborhood or burn stress with a cardio workout. Anything to get your mind off that vacation you can’t take at the moment.


At the head of the table is where you can always find your Leo friend. The holidays are typically great for Leos when catching up with friends, family, and coworkers, but that’s not to say that they can get too invested in other people’s drama during this tea-filled time of year. This kind of nurturement can be exhausting and require a little bit of detoxification. The best way for you to destress is by engaging in self-care activities like retail therapy, doing a 5-step skincare routine, or getting out of the house to have some fun.


Capricorns are always seeking more work and responsibilities, even during the holidays. This year, be sure to set your boundaries and find a work-life balance that doesn’t interfere with your quality time around loved ones. You’re always up for a challenge, and this time, we’re proposing you take a well-deserved break. Try a new activity you’ve always wanted to do, go for a hike, or have a technology detox. Something tells us you could definitely use the latter.


Tauruses thrive on consistency and routine. Between traveling, shopping, and visiting with loved ones, the holiday season tends to throw all schedules for a loop. We know you know this by now. But, instead of letting the stress get to you every year, try some new techniques to stay calm and make it work for you. Be present when you’re surrounded by people you love, when singing your favorite song, or when relaxing during your skincare routine. This holiday season too shall pass, and you’re going to wish you had enjoyed it.


Virgos typically have a constant drive for perfection and tend to over-analyze themselves. This is not always a perfect recipe when the holidays were made for burning at least one side dish and eating yourself into a food coma. Give your thoughts and expectations a break by taking time to meditate before and after social events. Sign up for a yoga class to help keep you centered, or treat yourself to a calming night of all the things that make you feel most like you. ‘Tis the season to love yourself and appreciate all that the holidays have to offer.

Remember to make this holiday season a merry one! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so eat all your favorite treats, spend quality time with the people you love, and capture lasting memories that you’ll always look back on fondly.